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Tweeting Goddess Smantha Kelly Gives us her top tips for getting your startup noticed!

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This is how I brought an idea into the public domain

Firstly find out who your target market listens to on the radio or watches on TV. What newspaper do they read? What magazines or social media platforms are they most likely to be on? Listen to the radio and target the talk show radio stations or
ring them if you hear them talking about anything relevant to what you are doing.

 Write a press release. Send the press release to any radio/TV program, magazine or paper that you think would be interested in your product or service.

This should be interesting with pics and have a hook or problem/ crisis that you have the solution for. Add a bit of your personal story too. Follow the email/phone calls up.

Use Twitter. It does depend on what market you are targeting, but me I started to use it straight away to tell people what I was doing.
Actually, I shouted it.

To fit what you do into 140 characters can be difficult but work on it, and include the link to your site! When you gain a certain amount of followers, you can let a bit more about you or other subjects go into your tweets. Follow business people and influencers.
You want them to notice you and get on their radar.

Get photos of you with well known people/personalities. Always put pictures up of anyone you meet, as people want to see who you are hanging out with!

Get involved in something worthwhile like a charity that is close to your heart. Promote and shout about it as it will help raise awareness for the charity and show people that you are human and have a heart. People like to get to know who they are dealing with.

Charities need help always to raise awareness and to promote them.

Also, listen to other start ups and assist them with Re tweets or spreading the word about what they are doing. That way they are more likely to do the same.

Carry business cards, everywhere!! Give them to anyone you chat to, tell the world or anyone who will listen about what you do, and who you are!

Go to as many places where your target market hangs out. Let them know you are there!

Blog about what you do, make it interesting so people will share it for their friends to see.

Dress differently or wear warm colors or colors that suit your personality!
Make an effort to stand out.

Use consistent pictures and branding tools across the net so people can relate all the information they come across to you, like the same headshot, tag line for instance.

Ask for help from more experience business people. If you ask, business leaders are usually happy to assist you with advice or just pointing you in the right direction

Author by Samantha Kelly

I am a Mum of two beautiful girls. This is the first important fact! Having had a business myself, I started using twitter as part of my marketing strategy and discovered to my delight that I was a bit of a whizz! I am passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter as a fantastic marketing tool to show off what you do! I won the #Tweetieinspire award on October 2nd at the Inaugural RaboTweetie awards too! I am the founder of the hash-tag #Irishbizparty which is an increasingly popular event on twitter which trends every Wednesday 9-11pm I have a knack and get things trending regularly!

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